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Interviews - 2004-11 Foedus Aeternus


1 – Hail Henrik ! How are guy doing up there in Denmark ? Has EXEKRATOR finally found a new drummer ? I heard you had so many difficulties to get a new one, huh ?

TUE: Difficult? More like impossible it would seem. But other than that we're doing ok, actually we're recording new stuff at the moment.

HENRIK: The new stuff is recorded by with a drum-computer and our aim by this recording is mostly to spread it around Denmark to try and get a drummer. In the meantime we have a few underground labels interested in releasing some of our material.

2 – Ok, musically speaking, EXEKRATOR doesn’t sound like most crappy UG bands who all play the same shit. You guys have a unique sound : harsh Black Metal with heavy parts, but especially original vocals ! I would compare them to a mix of THARGOS (if you know that killer band) and MERCYFUL FATE ! Simply, how would you define your touch ? Do you think EXEKRATOR would be the same without those particular vocals ?

TUE: Yes, ofcourse I've listened a lot to MF, I've never tried to emulate anyone though. I guess the vocals have mostly evolved out of a desire to do something a bit more melodic than your standard nineties BM. And no, ofcourse it wouldn't be the same without those vocals since I wouldn't be in it!

HENRIK: The vocals are a big part of what makes the band unique – like every band in the early years of black metal had their own unique way of being dark and extreme. No, we have NO intention of sounding like the thousands of good for nothing Darkthrone/Burzum clones. Exekrator stands alone! I don’t know Thargos, but it sounds like maybe I should check them out.

3 – EXEKRATOR was formed in 1993, but didn’t release many stuff since then ! Only one demo and two 7”… Is it due to a lack of motivation, or line-up difficulties ?

TUE: Unfortunately, we have had (and still have) many, many problems with the lineup and other stupid shit... The current lineup is perhaps the best we've had, but still lacking a drummer & bassplayer.

Henrik: There is also some unreleased stuff that will be included as bonus on certain releases moreover our 7’’ep’s are actually more mlp length – 17 and 19 minutes (and the demo is at least half an hour). Remember Deathcrush mlp is 15 minutes or something. And many fulllengths are less than half an hour. To return to the old days again: Back then an album had to fit on a vinyl and a normal length would probably be about 40 min.

4 – Your latest release Superstitionis Maleficiae is now sold-out, isn’t it ? Would you contemplate to re-release all your material (old & recent) on one album ? Or do you think that past belongs to the past ?

TUE: We sold all of our copies, I think there's still a few copies available at various distros. We're already doing a tape-compilation on Misanthropic Propaganda Prod., it wil feature the two 7"'s & unreleased bonus tracks. Also early 2005 "Superstitionis" should be released on cd (split w/Malaysian Violator) again with (different) bonus tracks. There is also talk about releasing the full '99/The Beast Is Come session on one cd, there was actually 7 tracks recorded. But there is always more talk than action in this business, so we'll believe it when we see it.

HENRIK: Since our releases have only been available on very limited vinyl it would be good to get them out on tape and cd for those who don’t have them. And when we’re talking re-releases on different formats it of course doesn’t take anything away from the owners of the original vinyl.

5 - Superstitionis Maleficiae was recorded in 2 days only ! Though we may think it was done in a hurry, the result is far from being bad ! The sound is raw but not awful, I would say it’s rather pleasant and much better than 90% of current productions ! Can we expect another type of production for the next release ?

TUE: Yes, well, we basically recorded & mixed it ourselves, but we did have a few problems - the new stuff we're recording we're also doing ourselves, it should sound a bit better due to more experience etc.

HENRIK: Yes, we had very little time for that one, but I think it came out good and like you say the sound is better than most in the underground. Also I think it would suck with a hyper-modern clinical. trendy sound. There are of course a few things that could be better, but there always are. For the new stuff we have better time and from what I’m hearing it’s going to sound pretty good.

6 – By the way, will you soon release a new stuff ? Still a demo or a first full length ? Can you tell me more about it please ?

TUE: We're recording four tracks at the moment, unfortunately without a real drummer. Hopefully we can attract someone with it, even if it's only for session work. I would really like to do a full-length, but due to the drummer situation, alas it isn't possible.

HENRIK: This will probably be a promo that’s not even for sale, but mostly to get some attention around the fact that we need a drummer. In the mean time as Tue said, there are some other releases coming out on different labels, and you can keep tuned on the homepage: If we can’t get a proper drummer in this shitty country, we shall have to discuss the possibility of recording an album or something with the programmed drums.

7 – Henrik, I read in an interview where you were telling good stuff about the Swedish scene : you particularly enjoy bands such as WATAIN, ONDSKAPT, CRAFT, PAGAN RITES, etc. I lived in Uppsala (Sweden) for about 6 months in 2004, and I had the impression that the BM scene was in bad shape… I mean, there are so many technical Death Metal bands now, I couldn’t attend a single BM gig, just DM ! Am I telling bullshit ? Is the BM scene in Sweden virtually dead ?

HENRIK: Well about the live-scene you probably know more than me, since I’ve only been to a few gigs in Sweden. But recordings/releases are more important to me then gigs anyway. I think when you look at recordings coming out of Sweden their scene is one of the best in the world today. Like the bands you mentioned along with Funeral Mist, Marduk, Infernal (R.I.P.), Dissection (although the new internet sample sounds terrible!) have/are releasing stuff that really kills. I think Devil Lee Rot (Pagan Rites-singer) plays live in Sweden quite often, but many of the bands we’ve mentioned are probably not live bands and maybe you trip was also a bit unlucky regarding that part. I’ve heard of some gigs in Sweden I would really have liked to attend if I had the money.

8 – What about the UG scene in Denmark ? Do you have some good stuff to advise me ? To my mind, the best Danish band ever is ARTILLERY, what do you think about them ?

TUE: Artillery is simply some classic stuff!

HENRIK: Yes, thank you for mentioning that band. They rule and are from my little shit-hole hometown. They are one of the best from DK, but Mercyful Fate/King Diamond really takes the crown. They are amongst the best bands ever – worldwide! Well, I think the Danish scene sucks! There are trendy nu-metal/groove fags on one side and the self-proclaimed underground “elite” on the other. Like you said: “most crappy UG bands who all play the same shit” – and that goes for the mainstream scene as well. However besides the other ones mentioned in this interview you should check out these acts: Denial of God (Black horror metal veterans), Victimizer (old school speed metal), Blackhorned (Raw old-school bm), Strychnos (black/death) and Feikn (original dark/black metal). We don’t really feel connected to any scene though. Like I said: Exekrator stands alone!

9 – We don’t know that much about the Danish scene… Would be ready to create your own fanzine dealing with Denmark’s underground bands ? How would you call your zine ?

HENRIK: I always have a lot of plans, but I won’t have the time for this anytime soon. There are some zine and webzines around, but none that are exclusively dedicated to the Danish ug metal. Of I was to start a zine I would try to get hold of some of the old legendary Danish bands as well as foreign ones. The best zine here is Tornado (done by the Denial of God singer). Sorry, I can’t come up with any names right now.

10 – Henrik, you also perform in FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY, a Black Metal band which, to my mind, sounds more commonplace than EXEKRATOR. However, there are many technical parts that make FML original… What do you think about those “true BM bands” who release shit without any technical research ?

HENRIK: Well, yes Full Moon Lycanthropy sound more like common black metal than Exekrator, but as you say also has an original twist. Well, I don’ think we’re really technical and I don’t think black metal has to be at all: Think about Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory – not exactly technical! But yes, all those bands that cannot play and have nothing to offer really bother me! There are so maybe bands sound exactly the same (and shitty at that). More over I really hate people who just play black metal without any insight in the genre. If you’re just copycatting another band and that’s al you can do it’s probably because you’re not enough into the genre to be able to express yourself and thus you can only copy what others have done. Don’t get me wrong – black metal is not an originality contest and I don’t like putting modern elements from non-metal genres into the music. I like a lot of traditional black metal, but I like it when I can tell the bands apart. An original band with a dark atmosphere and good songs is the ultimate for me.

11 – FML’s latest release has strange vocals parts, as if effects were used… So did you incorporate effects in the voice ? And how shall the next FML sound like ?

HENRIK: Yes, there are effects on the voice. Every band has that, but maybe we have more than most. The next release will be a split 7’’ep with the finish horror band Conjuration (out on Bestial Burst before the end of the year). The new song is definitely the best we’ve written and also it has the best sound. Otherwise it continues the style from the demo: Melodic but twisted black metal.

12 – Can you guy tell me what your 5 favourite albums are ?

HENRIK: No, I’m sorry. 5 albums simply isn’t enough. I’ll cut down a lot and mention some of the very best for me: Mercyful Fate: 3 first releases. Mayhem “Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, Dissection: both full lengths, W.A.S.P. – most of their work – especially the 3 first. The debuts of Morbid Angel, Death, Slayer, Emperor, Metallica and Deicide, Darkthrone “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”, Funeral Mist “Salvation”, Black Sabbath – the Ozzy albums, Judas Priest “Ram it Down” and “Painkiller”, Absu “Tara”, first two Marduk albums, Destroyer 666 “Cold Steel for an Iron Age”, Sabbat (Japan) “Envenom”, all Death SS (Except “Humanomalies”), All King Diamond albums, Guns n Roses “Appetite for Destruction”, Danzig: 4 first, Venom: 3 first, Bathory: 3 first, Watain “Casus Luciferi”. And still we’re missing a lot of great stuff like Masters Hammer, Tormentor, Von, Morbid, Grand Belials Key, Ondskapt, Pagan Rites, Arghoslent, Iron Maiden, Nunslaughter, Sarcofago etc.

13 – By the way, do you know something about the French Metal scene ? Which bands do you particularly enjoy ?

HENRIK: well, I actually know more a boutthe labels and distros from France then about the bands I think. The first to contact me from France we’re actuallty Foedus Aeternus and then maybe Brutal Druids. Ordealis also distros some ep’s for us. Of course I know Norma Evangelikum Diaboli, Drakkar, Osmose, Season of Mist, Spikekult, Oaken Shield, Evil Omen, Holy Records, Listenable, Impaler of Trendies (R.I.P.), etc. Bands I remember are Arkhon Infaustus, Antaeus, Anorexia Nervosa, Sons of Fenris, Lord, Osirion, Nehemah, Necrofurya, Crystallium, Celestia, Vlad Tepes, Deathspell Omega. Out of these I prefer Antaeus although I’ve heard that the newer Deathspell stuff should be really good as well. Any French zines, labels and so on can just contact us if they’re interested in the band.

14 – Last question : in a interview you recently gave, Tue was saying “Fuck the elite”… What is hidden behind these words ?

TUE: Nothing is hidden for those who see. Death to the humans!

15 – Well Henrik, I was fucking pleased to make this interview ! I’m eager to listen to the next EXEKRATOR release ! Now it’s time to conclude…

HENRIK: Yes, thanks for a good interview. I’ll send you a copy of the promo when it’s done. This is definitely our best songs yet. Otherwise look out for our coming releases on different labels. You can stay updated on the homepage and anyone interested can contact us. Hail metal and fuck off to guitar-rap!



C/o Tue Brisson

Hjortoegade 10, 4 tv.

2100 Copenhagen OE



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