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The 5 last news

VON Tribute - by ygg 30/10/2007 @ 16:44

Exekrator has recorded a Von cover of the song... Von - to be included on the Von tribute coming out on Rusty Axe Records.
Visit for more information!


We're not dead yet... - by ygg 30/10/2007 @ 16:41

Though things have been quiet for a long time, we're still alive!

Enjoy all the 2006 interviews.

Old News - by ygg 28/12/2006 @ 15:59

Old News follows:

Update & New address
- by ygg

11/10/2006 @ 15:51

Small site update.

The contact address for Exekrator has changed, more info when you click "Contact Exekrator"!

Mail sent to the old address will still be collected for the foreseeable future.

Back Online!
- by ygg
04/10/2006 @ 13:50

Finally we're back online.

A series of unfortunate events conspired to take down for much longer than anticipated, as a simple server move turned sour...

Hopefully everything is working now though.

Also we're now on a new network, which should provide speeds upto 3x as fast.

Ordo Bestiae Tape Released
- by ygg
20/09/2006 @ 07:27

A tape-version of the "Ordo Bestiae" cd has been released by russian label, Misanthropic Propaganda. The tape should be available through them and soon also directly from Exekrator.

Exekrator featured on W.A.S.P. tribute
- by ygg
01/06/2006 @ 13:19

Danish Codiac Records' tribute cd to the mighty W.A.S.P is out now! Exekrator is featured on this with a cover of ”The Flame”, from W.A.S.P.'s debut album.


Ordo Bestiae reviews
- by ygg
22/02/2006 @ 14:39

Check out the new Ordo Bestiae reviews & interviews:

"Definitely something special" -
"Heavy metal with a powerful and a dark side" -
"The tracks on here are timeless and fresh" -

Ordo Bestiae still available from the distros below!

Ordo Bestiae retailers
- by ygg
18/01/2006 @ 14:54

In Denmark the "Ordo Bestiae" cd is now also available the following places:,, and

Ordo Bestia CD Released
- by ygg
21/12/2005 @ 18:08


Order now from and get a free full color poster. 11 euros + postage!

Ordo Bestiae coming soon
- by ygg
26/11/2005 @ 10:34

The new 'Ordo Bestiae' cd on Bestial Burst is now in the manufacturing stage, release date is expected to be soon!

Vote for Exekrator
- by ygg
12/10/2005 @ 12:30

You can vote for Exekrator in the "Danish Metal Awards 2005" - details here:

New music downloads

- by ygg
12/10/2005 @ 12:28

Listen to two full tracks from the new "Promo 2005".


Site compromised - by ygg 28/12/2006 @ 14:28

Unfortunately the database was deleted.
It will probably be a few days before everything is added back.


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